Addressing MTCT transmission of HIV through Clinic-CBO Collaboration.

The project was implemented in Kabangwe community which lies between Lusaka and Chibombo District in Zambia. It was a collaboration between KCIA (CBO) and Chazanga clinic with an objective of reducing the percentage of HIV+ pregnant mothers LTFU in ANC, from 44% at baseline to 21% after one year. The project facilitated:

- The formation of women's savings groups for HIV-positive pregnant women, which met weekly to motivate financial savings as well as share information about HIV and PMTCT

- The provision of clinic-based peer supporters who undertook defaulter tracking to identify HIV-positive pregnant women who were LTFU

- The provision of Motivational awards, such as top-up savings and birth packs, for women who remained in care and participated in the savings group 

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  • Kelina Chisinda - Mother
  • Malambo Dorica - Peer Supporter
  • Emmanuel Kaira - KCIA - Video Shooting and editing
  • Pepulani Nyirongo - Sign language interpreter
  • Maureen Tembo - Nurse, Chazanga clinic
  • Idah Chikomba - KCIA
  • Damaless Lukuwa - KCIA
  • Eugene Mupakile - KCIA
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