Bread of Life

The Bread of Life is a story of young women living with HIV from an arid and drought prone region in Turkana, Northern Kenya. The women are empowered through a bakery initiative to overcame challenges of living with HIV, and to adhere to their anti-retroviral treatment. The women have also overcame stigma associated with living with HIV and they bake and sell the bread to the community. The income from the bakery has also enabled them to advance economically, and they can now afford to buy food for their families and even provide for other basic needs. This is the only community owned bakery in Lowareng'ak village, and it has given life to families.

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  • Mary Nang'olol - Young woman living with HIV in Turkana County
  • Sister Muasya - Facility in charge
  • Dr Eliud Mwangi - Country Director EGPAF Kenya
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