Establishing quality HIV/AIDS prevention and care for people affected by a civil war

For over 25 years, the civil war in Northern Uganda affected and displaced many people into IDP camps. Many Government programs, especially those mitigating the effects of the HIV & AIDS epidemic, were essentially halted as many doctors and other health workers vacated the area escalating the epidemic. Dr. Abbas Lugemwa supported by the Joint Clinical Research Centre (JCRC) went to Patongo, the centre of the conflict, to set up specialised HIV & AIDS prevention and care.


Starting from under a mango tree, a fully fledged centre was established. Dr. Abbas Lugemwa followed science to give HIV positive expectant mothers full combination Antiretroviral drugs, saving hundreds of children from contracting HIV from their mothers. Not a single child of the 178 babies contracted HIV. These results interested fellow doctors at the national paediatrics conference, fast-tracking provision of full Antiretroviral therapy to HIV positive pregnant mothers country wide.

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  • Prof. Peter Mugyenyi
  • Dr. Cissy Kityo
  • Dr. Musiime Victor
  • Dr. Francis Ssali
  • Mr. Peter Ocwic
  • Mr. Adonga Tomas
  • Mr. Joshua Kayiwa
  • Mr. Tom Gibb
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