FLASH-Friendship, Love and Sexual Health

The FLASH program, an acronym for Friendship, Love and Sexual Health seeks to increase awareness among young people on their sexual and reproductive health and rights.The program included the developement of a comprehensive sex education manual which is currently being used to teach in 20 schools, to over 1,000 young people, and about 500 out of school youth in the Bawku West District of Ghana.


The program has helped increase the knowledge of the youth on their sexual and reproductive health, such as HIV. Young people are being empowered to speak on these issues that used to be seen as reserved topics for adults. Community members are also being sensitize on how to prevent mother-to-child transmission and reduce stigmatization towards infected persons.  

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  • Dr John Kingsley Krugu
  • Mr Urban Akagwire
  • Ms Ayaba Millicent
  • Ms Abigail Adumolga
  • Mrs Mbilla Mercy
  • Mr Talata Michael
  • Mr Azambasi Emmanuel
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