Leneage Of Freedom

Knowledge and education helps create awareness about what it takes to improve PMTCT services. Adolescent Peer Mentors focus on adolescents and teenage couple's awareness to PMTCT, especially the vulnerable teenagers, through films that contain important messages. The film below shows a teenage couple who are trying to ensure that their unborn child is safe and free from HIV. Antony therefore tries to ensure that Beth, whom is three months expectant, receives the necessary Prevention of Mother to Child (PMTCT) services, including proper preparation for upcoming delivery as a way of cutting of HIV from their leneage hence "THE LENEAGE OF FREEDOM"

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  • ADOLESCENT PEER MENTORS(KENYA) Producer-Evans Nyambega
  • Director - Christine Atito
  • Simon Ouma - Cast
  • Joan Atieno - Cast
  • Benter Olivia
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