Philippi Collective Network

The Philippi Collective Network is mobilising the community in the fight against HIV and early pregnancy. Most of the young people in their community are too intimidated to test for HIV at local clinics and don't reveive sex education at school. Too many of young people engage in risky behaviours, leading to unplanned pregnancies, followed by inadequate prenatal car and increasing likelihood of babies being born HIV+.


This project has created a safe space for Philippi's youth to engage in positive activities and get HIV testing and counselling, free of stigma or fear. As they engage directly with this project and other service providers in Philippi who are part of the network, they're further empowered to remain HIV- and to encourage their peers on the same path. By empowering young people to take charge of their health, and mobilising organisations to surround and support them, Philippi are keeping young people positive in mind and negative in blood.  

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  • Sibusiso Songelwa - Philippi youth
  • Mrs. Songelwa - Sibusiso's mother
  • Ayanda Hoyi - AYFS Coordinator
  • Khalipha Brightman Mbambo - Filmmaker
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