Without adhering to ART, which approximately half of South African women are unable to do 12 months after delivery, 6 out of 10 breastfeeding mothers with HIV will transmit the virus to their infants. GHI has found that the most common reasons for discontinuing ART include limited information about Breastfeeding, ART and HIV; inability of frontline health workers to answer mothers' questions and address their concerns; non-disclosure of a mother's HIV status due to fear of stigma, discrimination and partner violence; conflicting cultural beliefs; and lack of support from fathers or family.


SmartParent tackles these barriers to ART adherence by offering a toll-free helpline that provides parents with evidence-based information and support, a trusted treatment buddy system and a 3-word address linked to the mother's exact GPS location, enabling healthcare workers to locate mothers not adhering to ART easily, to avoid losing them to follow up. SmartParent strengthens clinic community collaboration and will ultimately lead to a reduction in the 12,000 new infections among children annually in South Africa, contributing the super fast track target of less than 20,000 new infections globally by 2020.  

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  • Coenie Louw - Program Director
  • Luke van der Merwe - DOP and Editor
  • Janus Saaiman - Script
  • Turker Kurun - Voice Over
  • Abigail Nyathi and her set of twins (Shawn and Mable) - Client
  • Charlotte Meinganye - The Buddy
  • Lister Thaba - Clinic Nurse
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