The ENABLE Programme

Delivered by One to One Children's Fund, the ENABLE programme trains Mentor Mothers to go out into one of the poorest communities in South Africa. They seek to provide treatment, advice and support to the most vulnerable women, mothers, babies and children.

In the Eastern Cape, over 25% of mothers are HIV+. Over the last eighteen months, the ENABLE programme has already helped over 1,000 mothers and children, with a further 9,000 people reached in the local community. They are already seeing the huge impact the Mentor Mothers are having in this region. Malnutrition has reduced by 84% and the ENABLE programme has ensured the 0% transmission of HIV from mother to child. Together, our Mentor Mothers are helping to make the dreams of an AIDS-free generation a reality.  

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  • Thanks to all the Mentor Mothers and families who participated in this film, with very special thanks to Jaime Ackroyd (Director of this film) and the amazing team at Chrome Productions.
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