Transforming the lives of mothers and children through EMTCT

Alive Medical Services (AMS) is a free comprehensive HIV care clinic located in Namuwongo, one of most impoverished areas in Kampala. AMS provides complete antenatal care (ANC) and eMTCT services, information and counselling services for women and couples considering pregnancy. Once pregnant, a woman is enrolled in the ANC program, where she is taught about pregnancy risk factors and learns healthy habits. They then provide initial medication for the baby and refer the mother to a nearby hospital for safe delivery services.


AMS continues to provide complete care for mothers and babies for 18 months and, with this program, has successfully eliminated ALL new infections among babies born to mothers enrolled in AMS' care since 2013.

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  • Dr Pasquine Ogunsanya - ED Alive Medical Services
  • Dr Adebiyi Ogunsanya - Director Clinical & Psychosocial Services (AMS)
  • Dr Elizabeth B Kihika - Opio - Clinic Manager & Research Coordinator (AMS)
  • Rebecca Mulungi - Communications and Partnership Development Officer (AMS)
  • Elissa Miolene - Communications and Knowledge Management Officer (AMS)
  • Kharl Ed Olega - Videographer and Editor
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