Use the toolkits and webinars on this page to learn more about filmmaking so you can create an amazing entry for Every Footstep Counts! 

Tune into our live webinars to ask questions and get immediate answers about the competition and filmmaking. They will then remain on here as videos afterwards, so you can access them at anytime. We are also hosting toolkits on this page for you to use. So take it one step at a time and use this guidance to create an amazing and engaging film!

Filmmaking Webinars                     Watch them here!


  • 2pm GMT
    18 December 2017

  • Overview of the Competition
    Tune in here to learn more about the 2018 Every Footstep Counts competition and ask any questions you have about how to get involved!



  • 2pm GMT
    16 January 2018
  • Storytelling
    In this webinar, Tamar Abrams from Family Planning 2020 will discuss the impact of storytelling and our colleague Jen will share some useful tips about how to structure your video submission.



  • 2pm GMT
    18 January 2018
  • Technical Tips
    Our expert filmmaker, Danny Germain, will provide some technical advice about using different cameras, angles and lighting, and how to use simple technologies to create a great looking film!

Filmmaking Toolkits


A storyboard template to help you plan the story showcased in your film

Mobile Tips

Tips on how to produce a good film with just your mobile phone

20 Step Guide to Videos

Guidance on preparation, shooting, editing and pulishing your film