Webinar #1 - Overview of the Competition

Learn about the 2018 Every Footstep Counts competition; how to enter and how your videos will be judged. We outline the competition rules and two previous winners, Public Health Research Institute of India and Partners for Life Advancement and Education Promotion (PLAEP), give you some tips for submitting!

Webinar #2 - The Art of Storytelling

In this webinar, Tamar Abrams from Family Planning 2020 discusses the impact of storytelling and why it is such a powerful tool to use. Our ViiVHC colleague, Jen, also shares some useful tips about how to plan and structure your video submission.

Webinar #3 - Technical Tips

Here we provide some technical advice about using different cameras, angles and lighting, and how to use simple technologies to create a great looking film! Please be aware that this video has no sound.